How to Get Water and Cloth in Last Day on Earth: Survival

You won't survive very long if you don't know how to find water and cloth in Last Day on Earth: Survival, so we're here to help you get exactly need.

Like many survival games, you won't last long in Last Day on Earth: Survival without water or cloth. Unfortunately, reliably obtaining these items is not always easy right from the start, and players may find themselves dying of thirst before they even know how to prevent it.

Luckily, GameSkinny is here to ensure that today will not be your last day on earth. In this short guide, we'll tell you how to get cloth and how to get water so that you can keep roaming the punishing wilds of this mobile survival game.

How to Get Cloth in Last Day on Earth: Survival

Cloth is an essential item for crafting many of LDoE:S's most important objects -- like the Shower, Bandages, or the SWAT gear. There are currently two methods of obtaining cloth, the second of which requires you to be level 18.

Method 1: Loot It

There's some good news and some bad news about finding cloth early on in Last Day on Earth: Survival, and they are both the same: until you're level 18, cloth only comes from random drops.

Specifically, you can find cloth by looting zombie corpses and AI players. This means that you can find yourself entirely without it or up to your ears in it, depending on your luck.

Either way, your best bet on farming for cloth is usually to head out to the Pine Bushes and just start killing and looting every zombie you can find. As long as you're not terribly unlucky, you should have what you need relatively soon.

Method 2: Craft It 

Requires Level 18.

Once you've reached level 18, you will have access to the Sewing Table blueprint, which will allow you to turn Plant Fiber into Pieces of Cloth and Pieces of Cloth into Thick Fabric.

The Sewing Table will cost:

  • 20x Pine Plank
  • 15x Iron Bar
  • 5x Rubber Parts

This may be a steep price at the time, but it is well worth it -- as it'll grant you access to higher tier clothing later. 

How to Get Water in Last Day on Earth: Survival

Like our Last Day on Earth beginner's guide says, you won't survive for three days in the game without any water. That means you need to work on finding water immediately and be sure that you have a ready supply of it. Luckily, there are three ways to acquire water in Last Day on Earth: Survival

Method 1: Check Your Inventory

A disappointingly high number of players don't realize that they are gifted with three free bottles of water at the start of the game. Check your inventory and use them as needed. As long as you don't dawdle too much, they should be more than enough to keep you alive until you can obtain more water using the other two methods below.

Method 2: Loot It

There are several places that players have reported looting water bottles from. These include Alfa Bunker, plane crashes, and enemy player bases. This method, however, can be quite unreliable, and is really best reserved for emergencies or for adding to your pre-existing supply.

Method 3: Craft a Rain Catcher

This is by far the most reliable method for obtaining water in Last Day on Earth: Survival, and should be done as soon as possible.

Once you reach level 6, you will have access to the Rain Catcher blueprint, which will allow you to build the Rain Catcher for a measly:

  • 2x Scrap Metal
  • 3x Piece of Cloth
  • 10x Pine Log

Once built, you can place an Empty Bottle inside. After 10 minutes, the Empty Bottle will fill up and you will have a full Bottle of Water. It does not even have to be raining for this to work, making it the easiest method of getting water.

Now that you've got an abundance of cloth and water, you should have a lot less to worry about as you fight to stay alive in this zombie-eat-dog world. Now you can focus on fighting off the zombie hordes or upgrading your base with oak and steel.

But if you want a bit more help then feel free to check out some more of our Last Day on Earth guides.

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Published Sep. 21st 2017

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