EVE Online Rogue's Gallery: Haargoth Agamar - The Alliance Defector

Not all conflicts end with violence, as Haargoth Agamar showed all of New Eden.

Haargoth Agamar was the man who brought down an empire.

In the thousands of lawless star systems beyond EVE's protected space, the early years of 'null-sec' warfare were dominated by the Band of Brothersalliance, whose rise to power between 2004 and 2007 resulted in The Great War, in which practically every other null-sec organisation turned on them.

Thousands of players took part in the conflict throughout 2007 and, despite  losing nine regions of space and being beaten back to the Delve and Querious regions, Band of Brothers rallied and managed to halt the enemy coalition's final advance, repelling even the most tenacious of attackers, GoonSwarm

By early 2008, Band of Brothers had recovered enough to begin a fresh campaign of offensives, but these met with limited success or outright failure. The once mighty Band of Brothers seemed to be on its knees, but it was a chance encounter in February 2009 that allowed its bitter enemies, the aforementioned Goonswarm, to deliver the final killing blow.

The Power of Diplomacy

A Goonswarm recruiter called Tamir Lenk was using the recruitment channel to find marks to scam (with his neutral alt character), where he targeted a miner called Harkani. Mid-scam, Tamir Lenk had a change of heart and recruited Harkani, only for the new recruit to confess a day later that he was actually Haargoth Agamar, a director of Band of Brothers member corporation Black Nova Corp, and someone who had access to everything Band of Brothers had to offer, including the “disband alliance” button.

Tamir Lenks's charming and humble account of how the initial exchanges took place is well worth reading in full, but it is Haargoth Agamar who is our protagonist, and his motivation for defecting only became clear when questioned by The Mittani, whom he told:

“I've had enough of f***ing ret***s in [Band of Brothers] thinking they are awesome when the average member is terrible and the leadership gets emo about nothing and cannot just stick to plan... I've wanted to leave for a while now but there was just no other places to go... a lot of people in [Black Nova Corp] feel the same way.”

Agamar lamented the decline of Band of Brothers culture and how the mining corp to which Tamir Lenk (pictured left) had unknowingly recruited him had provided a far more pleasant gaming environment:

“...by chance Tamir recruited my alt a couple days while intending to scam her originally... and I get welcomed very well into the corp... and it was really nice... first day in [Black Nova Corp] everyone ignored me... well they ignored me until I was a director really :P”

Disband of Brothers

The conversation continued, an accord was found and Haargoth elected to defect to Goonswarm. So it was that a once great player organisation with membership in the thousands and who had antagonised the entire EVE population for several years, ceased to exist the moment disgruntled director Haargoth Agamar clicked the “disband” button.

There were some spasmodic death throes; fragments of the former Band of Brothers infrastructure clung together and reformed under the name Kenzoku. But as of today, Kenzoku alliance comprises a single corporation with one member. It is a dead relic of an era past.

Haargoth Agamar's action shows just how EVE's Butterfly Effect really can work - especially if you're a very pissed off butterfly in a position of great authority.  

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