Indie RTS Meridian: New World to Launch Next Year

Meridian: New World slated to rock both the independent market and the RTS genre.

Hungarian developer Ede Tarsoly, under the company name Elder Games, has announced his next project: a sci-fi RTS called Meridian: New World. It looks incredible.

Perhaps unlike some of the recent games in the RTS genre, Meridian boasts a focus on storytelling. Players will take on the role of Commander Daniel Hanson in the first ever expedition to Meridian, experiencing the alien planet's secrets firsthand. Along the way, it seems conflict arises, culminating in a fittingly large-scale war with Hanson at the helm.

Gameplay-wise, strategy looks like the name of the game here. According to Elder Games, players can use abilities from anywhere on the map to influence the battlefield around them, shut down enemy power supplies with some cunning sabotage, harvest a large economy in order to create the largest army possible, or emphasize research to produce the most advanced technology and weaponry.

All of the above in addition to unit customization, including experience and over a dozen different weapons, and a map and level editor––Meridian promises to be a solid entry to the RTS market.

Fortunately, the wait may not be too long; it's been in the making for two years now by Elder Games, and is set to be published by Headup Games in the second quarter of 2014 for PC. Feel free to check out more of these amazing-looking screenshots here.

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Published Jul. 28th 2013

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