Heroes of the Storm reveals all new Arena Mode and 3 new heroes

An all new mode is coming to Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzard's popular MOBA, Heroes of the Storm is getting an all new mode in 2016. Blizzard's Kevin “Cloaken” Johnson introduced the new mode, which is different from other modes in a few ways. 

Not a lot of rules.

In this mode, players are offered three random characters to choose from while playing. They each get a single ability, and there is only one objective on a small map. Players can actually elect to play the same characters as other members on their team... allowing for some interesting play.

New characters.

In addition to the new mode, Johnson also introduced three new characters and a new map. The new map is the Towers of Doom map, seen below:


The new characters are the Dryad Lunara, the Werewolf Greymane, and the special two-player character Cho'gall. Cho'gall will initially be made available only to BlizzCon ticket and virtual ticket holders as well as a few select Heroes players. But that doesn't mean other players won't be able to get it.

A Heroes of the Storm player with Cho'gall has the ability to co-play him with players who do not own him. If the non-owner plays with the owner twice, he will get a Cho'gall of his own. As Johson put it in the stream, they're looking to "spread the Cho'gall virus."

An added bonus will be that any Cho'gall player who plays with someone else four times will be given a "big bag of gold."

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Published Nov. 6th 2015

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