Roguelike I, Dracula Genesis Slashing Its Way to Steam This Spring

Roguelike PC game I, Dracula: Genesis, will rip its way to Steam Early Access very soon.

I, Dracula: Genesis will be biting its way onto Steam Early Access on May 22. The roguelike PC exclusive is described as a "hard-as-nails" experience. You can watch the trailer above and see for yourself.

I, Dracula: Genesis sees you as a genetically-modified Hunter. Earth has been ravaged after a catastrophic cataclysm and is now inhabited by a plethora of monsters and demons. According to a press release about the game, it will feature:

  • Five Hunters, all with unique skills
  • Four procedurally-generated worlds
  • 1000s of customizable upgrade options
  • 120 enemies and 20 bosses

Indie developer Moregames plans to continuously update I, Dracula with new hunters, new levels, and more items to kit out your character. There will eventually be 10 hunters and many more options once the game hits full release in Summer 2021.

I, Dracula: Genesis is the latest game in the I, Dracula franchise, which first saw release on iOS in 2009 with I, Dracula: Undead Awakening.

Genesis will eventually retail $19.99, though it will see a 15% discount when it initially releases in Early Access. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more on I, Dracula: Genesis as it comes in. 


Published May. 1st 2020

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