Elder Scrolls Online Launches Without Account Access?

ESO's website is still in maintenance mode even though the game is officially launched.

Elder Scrolls Online was officially launched and players welcomed to Tamriel. At least on the game servers it has. On April 3rd, 2014, Zenimax Online Studios took down the megaservers, as well as the store and account access in preparation for launch. The forums announced that the maintenance window would be three to four hours. All systems would be ready for launch when they came back online.

Not Quite

After they announced that the megaservers for both North America and Europe were back online, players could not access the store or their accounts. A page that with three paragraphs, in English, French, and German, is what greets visitors instead. Instead of a store or player account, visitors see:

We are currently performing maintenance in preparation for the end of Early Access and our imminent worldwide launch. The account services web page and the game servers will be available again as soon as possible! If you need immediate assistance, please visit our Customer Support page and we’ll be happy to help you. For the latest updates and news, please follow us on our Facebook and Twitter channels.

With the game available for download from other retailers and purchased after midnight for stores that are open, this issue denies new players who did not have Early Access the ability to play the game.

A Queue?

Even at 5 AM EST, evidence of many users trying to access the site is apparent. Zenimax is using a queue system for site access. Users are put into queue and notified of the possible wait time. Players waiting in this cue for account access or to buy the game are then greeted with the maintenance page above.

No word yet on when the website will be accessible.

Published Apr. 4th 2014

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