Valkyria: Azure Revolution and Valkyria Chronicles remastered announced for PlayStation 4

Valkyria: Azure Revolution and Valkyria Chronicals remastered are coming to PlayStation 4 next year.

The latest installment in the Valkyria series, Valkyria: Azure Revolution, has been announced in this week's issue of Famitsu. The magazine has revealed that the game will be released in Japan in Winter 2016 on the PlayStation 4. Valkyria: Azure Revolution will be an RPG instead of the strategy game standard of the series.

In Revolution, the country of Jutland is under colonial rule from the Rus Empire. The people of Jutland want "independence and freedom from colonial rule." You will take control of Amleth, a commanding officer of the Jutland army, who launches attacks against the Rus Empire's army bases.

In Valkyria: Azure Revolution there are two different ways to fight the Rus Empire: symbol encounters and normal battles between units. Before fighting a unit in battle, you will engage them in symbol encounters first. This allows the player to get an advantage during combat. This could be to shoot at the symbol "with a rifle to lure the enemy out" or to use a smokescreen to avoid the encounter altogether. During combat, you will take control of Amleth with four other party members to aid him.

In the same issue of Famitsu, Valkyria Chronicles remastered was also announced for the PlayStation 4. This will be released on February 10th 2016 in Japan. There has been no western release date announced yet.


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Published Nov. 17th 2015

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