Slime Rancher Cuteness Tier List

From insanely adorable to frighteningly adorable, these little creatures will make you want to go 'aww' and hug their slimy, gooey bodies close.

Slime Rancher is a colorful and cute first-person sandbox game where players try to solve problems and gain mastery over their vacpack to survive. What the game is most known for is its array of colorful and adorable creatures, known as Slimes.

Slimes range from insanely adorable to more than a little frightening. So let's rank them all into varying tiers of slimy cuteness!

Insanely Adorable

Tabby Slime

  • Diet: Meat
  • Favorite Food: Stony Hen
  • Favorite Toy: Yarn Ball 

These slimes share many similarities to Earth’s domestic house cats. If they weren’t made entirely of gooey slime, the could be easily mistaken for a real feline.

Hunter Slime

  • Diet: Meat
  • Favorite Food: Roostro
  • Favorite Toy: Stuffed Chicken

The wild cousin of the Tabby slime, these capable hunters can cloak themselves, rendering them almost entirely invisible. Because of this, they excel at stalking their chicken prey.


Tangle Slime

  • Diet: Meat
  • Favorite Food: Painted Hen
  • Favorite Toy: Sol Mate

These innocent-looking slimes are quite the fearsome predator, with an enormous appetite for tasty meat. The Tangle Slime earned its name from the twisting vines it produces to grab onto things in its environment.


Phosphor Slime

  • Diet: Fruit
  • Favorite Food: Cuberry
  • Favorite Toy: Night Light

These nocturnal slimes are sometimes referred to by ranchers as ‘low stars.' They have translucent wings and a luminescent slime core that emits a soft glow, making them easy to spot on the moonlit range.


Lucky Slime

  • Diet: Meat
  • Favorite Food: None
  • Favorite Toy: None

These slimes unusual slimes are a part of the same slime family as Tabby slimes. They have a curious fascination with shiny objects, particularly newbuck coins. Since they gobble up any coin within reach, they give off a distinct jingling sound when they move about. Because they make a hasty retreat when a rancher is around, there is no known record of one being captured.


Gold Slime

  • Diet: Exclusive
  • Favorite Food: Gilded Ginger (according to legend)
  • Favorite Toy: None

This shiny slime is the most exclusive and sought after of them all. Very little is known about this creatures as they’ve proven impossible to catch.


Just Plain Adorable

Pink Slime

  • Diet: Everything (fruit, veggies, meat)
  • Favorite Food: None
  • Favorite Toy: Beach Ball

These slimes are the most common and easiest to ranch on the Far, Far range. They’re cheerful, docile, and will eat almost anything you put in front of them. However, because of how common they are, their plorts are the least valuable of them all.


Puddle Slime

  • Diet: Water
  • Favorite Food: None
  • Favorite Toy:  Rubber Ducky 

You can find these rare slimes in fresh water pools, and instead of eating food they absorb water into their bodies. Be careful not to leave them on any surface too long, as they will evaporate quickly without a source of water.


Honey Slime

  • Diet: Fruit
  • Favorite Food: Mint Mango
  • Favorite Toy: Buzzy Bee

This strange breed of slime is made up of a hyper-sweet slime compound. Many ranchers agree that their plorts taste great on cereal.



Quantum Slime

  • Diet: Fruit
  • Favorite Food: Phase Lemon
  • Favorite Toy: Puzzle Cube

These interesting slimes seem to be the result of some event that took place in the Ancient Ruins a long time ago. They are capable of emitting other possible realities of their beings, known as ghosts. The other realities can come true when they align with the reality of the ghosts, effectively teleporting. That must be why they love snacking on the aptly-named Phase Lemons.


Dervish Slime

  • Diet: Fruit
  • Favorite Food: Prickle Pear
  • Favorite Toy: Gyro Top

A swirling, whirling bundle of energy, Dervish Slimes are commonly found in the Glass Desert. They cruise across the dunes at high speeds atop a little whirlwind.



Painfully Adorable (Literally!)

Boom Slime

  • Diet: Meat
  • Favorite Food: Briar Hen
  • Favorite Toy: Bomb Ball

These slimes are usually heard before they are seen, as they crackle with the build up of energy before exploding. They never seemed harmed by the explosion, although they appear to be more than a little dazed by it. Music does calm them down and prevent them from exploding.


Fire Slime

  • Diet: Ash
  • Favorite Food: None
  • Favorite Toy: Charcoal Brick

This rare, burning slime lives solely on ash, without it, the slime will quickly snuff out. Will eat anything, as long as it’s burnt to ash first. If looking to corral these hot little guys, make sure you keep some water handy.


Rock Slime

  • Diet: Veggies
  • Favorite Food: Heart Beet
  • Favorite Toy: Big Rock

This slime gains its name from the rocky crown of sharp spikes atop its body. When these slimes are near, make sure to watch your surroundings, so you aren’t rolled over by one.


Crystal Slime

  • Diet: Veggies
  • Favorite Food: Odd Onion
  • Favorite Toy: Crystal Ball

This slime appears to be a cousin of the Rock Slime, covered in shimmering crystal spikes. These spikes form from the slime generating a tremendous about of internal heat. Caution: These slimes can create large patches of ultra-hot crystals that will shatter if splashed with water.


Rad Slime

  • Diet: Veggies
  • Favorite Food: Oca Oca
  • Favorite Toy: Power Cell

Sometimes called ‘raddies,' it is unknown if their radioactive state came from an external source or something naturally occurring. The dangerous aura they emit is so potent that they glow in the dark. When handling, monitor radiation exposure levels so not to cause serious bodily harm to yourself or worse.


Mosaic Slime

  • Diet: Veggies
  • Favorite Food: Silver Parsnip
  • Favorite Toy: Disco Ball

These sparkly slimes gain their name from the array of glass tiles that cover their bodies. The shimmer from Mosaic Slimes attract other slimes to them -- and the leading theory for this phenomenon is ‘sparkly things are super cool.’ Don’t let the beautiful shine fool you, though. Their glints can produce ultra-hot solar anomalies around them. Have water handy, and keep the slimes well-fed and happy to avoid further occurrences.


Frighteningly Adorable

The Tarr

  • Diet: Anything breathing, other than Gordos and Golden Slimes.
  • Favorite Food: Ranchers!
  • Favorite Toy: None

The Tarr are formed when a Largo slime eats a plort unlike its own. This turns the slime into sludge with a relentless appetite. Extremely harmful and hostile!


So Adorable They Can’t Be Categorized

Largo Slimes

Diet: Source slimes' diet

Favorite Food: Source slimes' favorite

Favorite Toy: Source slimes' favorite

Largo slimes are hybrids of two slimes when a slime eats a plort unlike its own. Because of this, there is a wide variety of Largo slimes. The image above is an example of a Tabby-Phosphor hybrid.


Gordo Slimes

  • Diet: Source slimes' diet
  • Favorite Food: Source slimes' favorite
  • Favorite Toy: None

These rare slimes occurs when slimes of the same type congregate. This larger slime is seemingly incapable of movement. A Gordo will eat until it bursts, causing all the slimes to become separate once more. Gordos produce no plorts of their own -- but once separated, the individual slimes will.


Feral Slimes

  • Diet: Source slimes' diet
  • Favorite Food: Source slimes' favorite
  • Favorite Toy: Source slimes' favorite

Feral slimes are Largos with a serious mean streak. They will attack on sight and only calm down when fed.


Hopefully, you enjoyed all the cuteness! Let us know in the comments below which one you think reigns supreme as the cutest slime! And if you're looking for some help keeping all these adorable little slimes happy, check out our Slime Rancher guides for all the tips you need!


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Published Jul. 10th 2017

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