Where to Find All Slime Gordos in Slime Rancher

Need help finding these special Slimes? We've got all the Gordo locations for Slime Rancher right here!

According to their official descriptions, Gordo Slimes are "a rare phenomenon that occurs when multiple Slimes of the same type congregate. The result is that the Slimes seem to merge together into a much larger Slime that is seemingly incapable of movement. A Gordo will eat until it bursts, causing all the Slimes to separate once more, as well as revealing whatever object it was that caused the Gordo to form in the first place."

What this means for you Slime Rancher players, is by finding them and feeding them until they pop, you can get crates, slime, and special rewards unique to the different types of Slimes you come across!

To help you get your mitts on that sweet, sweet loot, here's a handy dandy list of locations for every one of those big, beautiful Gordo Slimes:

Boom Gordo

Ancient Ruins

To the left of the first archway near the end of the area, you can see the back of the Boom Gordo down to the left. Follow it and go through the door, then hover counter-clockwise around the edge until you find its cute little face. Then blow it up.

Honey Gordo

Moss Blanket

On top of a small cliff in the second area, near a water spring, you can find this fella propped up on the precipice. Take the walkway for a scenic view or fly up on your own if you just can't wait to make it explode.

Phosphor Gordo

Dry Reef

After seeing the Rock Slimes and going through a tunnel, make a left turn and leap over the wall you come to. On the other side, turn around and go into the nearby cave. Your loot awaits.

Pink Gordo

Dry Reef

1. On the ledge heading toward the second area, you'll see a missing section in the nearby fence. Go through it and you'll find your pink prey marooned on an island.

2. On your trip to the top of the Arch Island, after you've removed the second Tabby Gordo, you'll find this bubblegum blob just waiting to be blown up.

Quantum Gordo

Ancient Ruins

Go the Construction Site and look down to the right on the pathway to find a lower, hidden passage. Ascend the slope until you find a wall trigger and an open doorway. Go right, following another path, then turn around to find this Jabba the Hut impersonator.

Rad Gordo

Indigo Quarry

In the beginning of the cave area, you'll find a pillar of rocks. Fly up it with your jetpack, onto the next pillar, then soar over to the upper area. You'll soon find a wooden ramp. Take it, then turn left. On your right, near some green crystals, you'll find this deadly Slime irradiating his own cave.

Just be aware that this bad boy's radiation field will grow the more you feed it.

Rock Gordo

Indigo Quarry

1. Exit the entrance tunnel that brought you into the caves, and you'll find this living-loot-launcher sitting in a small inlet in front of you.

2. Behind the area requiring you to fly over a dilapidated bridge to access, this rockin' Slime is in the left side of the pit, accessible by a handy little ramp.

Tabby Gordo

Dry Reef

1. At the end of the Dry Reef, at the Moss Blanket bridge, turn right and you'll see this cat-like Slime chilling on a teleporter.

2. After unlocking the sandy area after the canyon, you'll find this kitty near the beach, avoiding the water on its own little island.


And there you go! Just remember to bring plenty of food and you can make all those Slimes explode and unlock sweet prizes like slime keys and teleporters. 

What else could a Slime Rancher possibly need?



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Published Aug. 2nd 2017

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