How to Get Strange Diamonds in Slime Rancher

This resource is invaluable for traversing the world of Slime Rancher more quickly. But how do you find it?

Slime Rancher is an adorable game. It also boasts a large sandbox world to explore, with different varieties of slimes to add to your ever-growing farm around every corner. With such a large world, a means of fast travel is invaluable, and luckily, such a feature exists. One of the many things you can build is a teleporter. There are ten different colors you can craft, and each comes in a set of two you can place in any two locations in the world. You can then instantaneously move between them. The recipes for the various sets vary, but the one ingredient they all share is a strange diamond.

Where To Look

You'll need exactly one diamond for every teleporter set, but how to go about finding them? Well, as a rare resource, it won't be easy. Further complicating matters is that it's not location exclusive, so there's really no place you can go to improve your chances other than to pray that RNG is in your favor. There is, however, one thing you can do to improve your chances-- though it may take a while.

Improving Your Drill

To find strange diamonds, you'll need to use a drill. One way to maximize the chance of a payout is to put down as many drills as possible. However, not all drills are created equal, and if you have the patience, you can greatly boost the odds of picking up a diamond by getting a better one.

There are four tiers of drill, with each higher tier granting a higher chance of obtaining rare resources like strange diamonds, but each has a different method of obtaining its blueprint. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Tier 1: Novice Drill. You have the blueprint by default.
  • Tier 2: Advanced Drill. You can buy the blueprint in the Builder's Shop, so this is probably the easiest of the higher-quality drills to obtain.
  • Tier 3: Master Drill. The blueprint is in a Treasure Pod in the Glass Desert. You'll need the Treasure Cracker upgrade.
  • Tier 4: Titan Drill. The blueprint is a reward for reaching rank 23 with 7Zee. Better start saving up those Newbucks!

As for actually building the drills, they all require increasing amounts of Pink and Rad Plorts. The first two also require Rock Plorts, while the last two require Mosaic Plorts.

Once you've gotten the drill(s) of your choice, it's time to deploy them wherever you'd like and start hoping for some strange diamonds. Happy hunting!

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Published Jul. 9th 2017

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