Rockstar May Announce Exciting News Soon...Just Not at Gamescom

Red Dead Redemption 2 may be announced out of the blue, much like it's predecessor.

Fans of the open-world, wild west GOTY winner, Red Dead Redemption, were a bit bumped when there was no sign of a sequel included in a list of upcoming releases by Rockstar Games.

While rumors of a sequel have been booming all over, Rockstar has made it clear that they will not announce a Red Dead sequel -- at least not at a popular gaming convention like Gamescom. In fact, Rockstar has a bit of a reputation for not announcing their titles publicly. A good example is Grand Theft Auto 5, which wasn't announced at E3, but via newswire post, two years before the game was released. Even the original Red Dead Redemption was announced unexpectedly in 2009, so Rockstar clearly isn't very fond of grand announcements.

Due to their successful history of releasing top notch video games, Rockstar most likely won't have any trouble getting fans hyped up about a Red Dead Redemption sequel with an announcement that's completely out of the blue. It has evidently worked for them in the past, and will probably work for them now, if they do indeed announce it. It can come anytime, so keep your ears open.


Published Aug. 17th 2016

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