Bag O' Questions About The Elder Scrolls: Online Are Answered

The Elder Scrolls Online devs answer your burning questions!

I don’t like the Elder Scrolls games. I like the lore. The stories behind the scrolls, Tamriel, and the whole universe is a great story, but the games themselves just don’t live up to me. I find the gameplay rather dull and once I look at the open-worldness of the game, I am often disappointed by the linear narrative that I have witnessed in the games. I can hear the screams of you, my lovely readers, as you exclaim in all CAPS “YOU’RE PLAYING IT WRONG!!!” Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. My point is that the lore of the game is the only reason I still have an interest in The Elder Scrolls.

So when ZeniMax Online Studios announced back in May of last year that there would be an MMO based on The Elder Scrolls called The Elder Scrolls: Online, I was excited to say the least. A game that is truly massive and focused more on the lore of the universe? Sign me up! However, as time went on, many valid questions from people like me and those who enjoy the games arose:

“You have teased the existence of veteran points. Can you elaborate on how to get them and what you can do with them?”

“I've had one question on my mind for the longest time: will we see a huge amount of wildlife or a hunting activity/skill of some sort?”

“Will there be items or spells players can obtain that will cast an appearance illusion over them, making, say, a Breton look like an Argonian or a frost troll for a limited amount of time?”

All of the answers to those burning questions can be found in the latest AMA Variety Pack 8 on the official ESO site. One of the more important features, Veteran Points, is discussed and provides a clear look into how the system will work. Click here to take a look!

Even though I don’t enjoy the previous games, I am definitely excited to see this game in action and looking forward to learning all I can about it until the official launch. The Elder Scrolls Online is expected to release sometime in 2014.

So are you excited about The Elder Scrolls Online? Comment below!

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Published Oct. 7th 2013

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