MadMind Studio Releases Trailer For Agony Follow-Up Paranoid

Drastically changing locations from Agony, Paranoid takes place in the apartment building of a man descending into madness after losing his family.

Madmind Studio just dropped a trailer for its upcoming first-person survival horror game, Paranoid, which is set in the 1980s and revolves heavily around drug usage.

Some might recall Madmind as the development studio behind Agony, the erotic horror game that managed to simultaneously cause controversy for being too graphic and not graphic enough. It later released an Unrated version late last year.

Paranoid will reportedly combine a psychological plot with dynamic and brutal action as protagonist, Patrick Calman, deals with the mental trauma of losing his entire family.

He subsequently shut himself away from the world in his apartment and descends into madness. Madmind commented on the trailer and the themes of the upcoming game:

The trailer ... focuses on presenting the paranoia of the main protagonist showing his struggle with the progressive mental illness. The subject of mental illness is very serious and we want to address it with proper respect.

One day, Patrick answers the phone and the voice in the receiver seems to belong to his sister who went missing 13 years ago. She announces her arrival so many years after disappearing. This forces Patrick to walk away from his safe but unhealthy life in isolation, exposing himself to horrible experiences on the verge of madness.

Players can look forward to finding three different endings based on actions taken during the course of this surreal horror experience. While there's currently no official release date for the Steam exclusive, you can follow Paranoid's development and wishlist it over on Steam

MadMind is also currently working on the follow-up to Agony with a sequel titled Succubus, which lets players take the role of a demonic priestess using diabolical skills to take over hell.

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Published Jul. 1st 2019

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