Huge Update Coming to Scrolls, Including New Game Modes

October will see over 40 new scrolls, Judgment Mode, and Spectator Mode for Scrolls.

Scrolls has seen some interesting growth since it got started.  The game has gained new cards for each of its various forces as well as introducing its fourth force, Decay.  The coming month, however, should show an explosive increase in the amount of new content to rival even the release of the entire Decay force.

New Scrolls

The less exciting update coming in October is the addition of new scrolls to the game.  We have seen a slow trickle of new scrolls since the game's release, usually two or three at a time.

October will see over 40 new scrolls put into the game.

That means it is entirely possible we will be able to craft entire new decks using nothing but the new scrolls, drastically raising the chances of these new releases including things any given player will want to add to their existing decks.

New Game Modes

This is the really exciting stuff.  October will be bringing both Judgment Mode and Spectator Mode to players.  Spectator Mode is nothing especially groundbreaking, often considered an expected feature by the modern gaming community.

The timing for it is excellent given the currently ongoing tournament for Scrolls.  While it will be too late to cover the current tournament, it will make the next one significantly more exciting with the ability for players to potentially watch the games effectively live.  With all the attention e-sports are getting, Scrolls might actually be able to make a name for itself as the first digital card game to reach such heights.

Judgment Mode is the first fully new game mode Scrolls will be getting, and as an old fan of Magic: The Gathering booster draft tournaments, it is one that has me excited.  

Players choose single scrolls from a selection of four until they have 45 of them, then create a deck using at least 30 of those scrolls to play a series of five games.

The potential of combining both of these modes, along with the 40 new cards promised, could actually not only create a real competitive scene in the game but a very rapidly evolving meta.  Hopefully the excitement will spread far enough to realize the possibilities!

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Published Sep. 25th 2013

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