Flight Rising for Newbies: Choosing a Flight

Beginners guide to Flight Rising. Includes: flight, forums, food, and more tips.

Do you want to breed dragons but your little pet apps like Dragonvale just are not that interesting anymore?

Flight Rising is a browser-based game about breeding, battling, and raising your own customized clan of dragons. Playing Flight Rising is such a huge undertaking that this is the only the first in a series of guides offering information that new players will find vital to their gameplay. 

The first thing players do while making their account on Flight Rising is choosing their flight; something a lot more important than just picking a favorite element. However, Stormlight Workshop expects players to go into this blind and forces them to pick their flight before they can play the game at all. 

A flight is a lot more important than just a banner and the setting for nests. Two very important things are reliant on the flight: the hatchlings' eye color and the community

Each flight has community-related advantages you will want to consider. You will get one free change of flight, so don't feel obligated to stick with your first choice. However, after your first free flight change, each subsequent flight change is 1500 gems. 

The Flights

Let's get the lowdown on flights. There are eleven flights you can choose from: Arcane, Earth, Fire, Ice, Light, Lightning, Nature, Plague, Shadow, Water, and Wind. 

The really important thing to know about each of these flights is the type of community you will be entering in to when aligning with your flight. 

Large Flights vs. Smaller Flights

Usually having a larger community will mean that they are more organized and more active. However, because of the site's algorithms it is also more difficult for the larger flights to win Dominance. The largest flights are Arcane, Shadow, and Wind. The smallest are Earth, Water, and Fire.

In the smaller flights you will find close knit groups, but in larger flights you will find a lot of support and a more active forum. If you are looking for a community, a larger flight might be what you are interested in. However, not all large flights have good communities. In fact, Light flight has a pretty slow community because they are more interested in other things. 

Dominance and Profit Pushing

Arcane, despite being one of the largest flights, is a very low impact group. They are not competitive and are just looking for fun. Shadow is the same as Arcane, they are more interested in the forums than domination. Wind and Lightning are meticulous with their Dominance pushes. If you are looking for those who organize their wins very well, they should be your first choices. 

If you are looking for a more balanced flight then Plague and Ice would be the best options for you. They focus on Dominance enough that you will win on occasion but still have time for other things, like breeding. In fact, because they focus on more than just Dominance pushes, Plague and Ice actually have the most Dominance wins.


Light actually has a very sought out eye color, making them one of the larger flights. Despite this, their forums are fairly slow. 

Your own breeding tastes will have a lot to do with what you are interested in. Shadow is another good breeding flight because many of the players choose that flight for the lore and dark implications.

All of this really comes down to...

Eye Color

You may not think that eye color is that important in the beginning. You may just be happy to get dragons. However, having certain colored eyes can really throw off how your dragon looks. (Can you tell that I played for the dragon breeding?) Just look at my dragon. It was supposed to look like Darth Maul. But I forgot one important thing: I was in Wind flight

So instead of having a dragon that would strike fear into any who oppose them, I ended up with a dragon that had a Christmas color scheme.

Mark my words. Eye color is a pretty important thing to consider when choosing your flight. 

Luckily, many people on the forums will house your dragons and hatch them in their nest so you can get different eye colors for your hatchlings. 

Choose your flight wisely

While you get one free change of flight, you should still look into the flight you are wanting to transfer in before hand. 

Most flights have their pros and their cons. If you end up absolutely hating your decision than you can always delete your account and make a new one when the next Registration Window opens up.


Published Feb. 14th 2016

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