Dark Souls II (PC) Unlocks at 3 PM PST Today

The wait is over for PC users!

Here I was, agonized that I'd have to wait another day before I could play Dark Souls II on PC (you know, the way it was meant to be played). Namco Bandai has apparently heard my plight and has decided to shorten the wait.

According to a company Tumblr post:

Dark Souls II will unlock on Steam at the following times:

4/24 - 3:00 PM PDT
4/24 - 6:00 PM EDT

Make sure you pre-order on Steam before then to get your digital bonuses!

Dark Souls II will release today on Steam at 3 PM PST. Fun fact: you can preload the game in your library and have everything ready and waiting for release this afternoon.

Also, if you're a member of Green Man Gaming, a coupon went out Tuesday for 20% off the preorder price on their website, valid until Friday; they email you a Steam key once you've purchased the title.

Who else will be completely consumed by darkness this weekend?

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Published Jun. 12th 2020

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