Valve Attempts to Stop Cheaters in VAC-Protected Games

Valve puts in new trading barrier to attempt to stop cheaters in their VAC-Protected games.

Valve is finally putting their foot in the door when it comes to cheaters. They have disabled the ability to store VAC and Game Ban enabled games in your inventory for trading purposes. Also, if you gift a game to someone and that person gets permanently banned, you will never be able to gift that game ever again.

Why Would They do Such a Thing?!

The reason provided by Valve is:

"When a user is caught cheating, their Steam account is banned from playing multi-player on secured servers. This creates an incentive for people who cheat to stockpile copies of games on one account and to gift them to low value accounts where they can continue cheating."

They also state that while the restrictions "may be inconvenient for some legitimate users", they believe that they will hinder the number of cheaters in their games. You can find the full statement on Valve's website here.



Published Aug. 4th 2016

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