Fallout 4 officially snags E3 Best of Show award

The best games at E3 were announced, and Fallout 4 takes Best of Show honors.

Along with it probably being the most anticipated game at E3, Fallout 4 took home the Best of Show honors for this year's E3 that was presented by game critics. In total, Fallout 4 walked away with 3 awards, joining Uncharted 4: A Thief's End to lead every other game shown during E3 in the awards category. 

Fallout 4 was nominated for 4 categories, and the victories came in for Best PC Game, Best of Show, and Best Role Playing Game. In comparison, Uncharted 4 was nominated for 3 and won Best Console Game and Best Action/Adventure Game. Another award was given to it as a commendation for its graphics. 

Some other games that also gained some recognition and were able to take home some decorations included Star Wars BattlefrontNo Man's Skyand FIFA 16

On the same note of gaining some bragging rights between games, Sony Computer Entertainment came out with the most wins with the games they showed off. second came EA, and third came Bethesda. The PlayStation 4 also had the most games on an individual platform that took home awards with 14, and the PC came second with 9.


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Published Jul. 9th 2015

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