Harmonix Launches Amplitude Kickstarter

While the majority of Kickstarter projects are put forth from small, independent companies, now and then we get large projects pushed by the big boys. Harmonix has thrown their hat into the Kickstarter arena in an attempt to get capital to reboot their 2003 rhythm game Amplitude

They're asking for $775,000, and while it's still a bit unclear as to where that vast amount of money is going, fans and games media have flocked to this announcement with fanatical support. 

According to their Kickstarter page, Harmonix intends to remake the game with current technology. 

With the advancements in technology and the huge creative leaps forward our studio has taken, we believe we can rebuild Amplitude for current consoles and make it an even more amazing experience than before. We're aiming to deliver an updated soundtrack, incredible visuals, and fine-tuned controls.

The enhanced images on the Amplitude's page are markedly fancier than the original graphics of the 2003 game, and with Harmonix's refinement of rhythm matching technology, it is safe to assume the updated game-play will be a vast improvement on the original. 

With over $140,000 pledged in the first day of the Kickstarter, it's clear that fans are behind this game in full force. However, with only 17 days left to raise $775,000 it might still be a tight race to see if Amplitude can make it to the finish line. 

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Published May. 6th 2014

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