PS4 Users Push for a Better PSN

PS4 users have begun a campaign, #BetterPSN, for improvements to be made to the PSN which has been having difficulties since the release two years ago.

Based on the opinion of many PlayStation 4 owners, the PlayStation Network has a lot to work on if they're going to win-back the PS4 gamers. Between "NAT issues" to basic functions, the PlayStation Network has a lot to be desired, and a recent campaign, #BetterPSN has begun.

The campaign begins!

A recent campaign being pushed by NeoGAFfers using #BetterPSN has gained a bunch of support over Twitter and Reddit, bringing together the PS4 users across the world. It's well known that Sony has had many issues maintaining the PSN, but now that technology has risen as far as it has, Sony has no excuses but to amend the wants of their users.

Some of these wants are basic status options like found on Skype, using "Away", "Offline", "Busy", "Online" and even "Invisible". Not to mention a lot of users complain about the cloud storage, and how only a few images will fill the space allotted. It has been a long two-years since Sony launched the PSN, and it is time they start listening to their customers.

Reasonable Requests

On the website supporting the campaign, #BetterPSN, they've included some requests they've made to Sony, and users can vote them using Twitter. Among the many requests, the website has highlighted:

  • Fix bug that prevents users from accessing the Store in certain situations, needing a reboot
  • Search function, better organization and filters for download history/library
  • Ability to send recorded videos directly to friends
  • Online/Offline notifications
  • Better friends list functionality with nicknames, grouping by categories (games, relationship), and VIP tags tied to the notification system
  • Online/offline (invisibility) status change
  • Continious trophy syncing
  • Enhance user profile page showing favorite games, screenshots/recordings, game wishlist, deeper activity sections (Game statistics)

Most of these requests can be found in Steam and Xbox Live. The real question that we should be wondering is why Sony hasn't put these additions in their PSN already. To have a successful following they should be providing a service that is better than their opponents. 

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Published Jul. 9th 2015

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