The 15 Best Minecraft Mods that Imitate Your Favorite Games

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Have you ever asked yourself if you could play two games at the same time? Well, Minecraft has fan-made mods for almost every major video game that allows you to do exactly that -- you can play Minecraft, but at the same time you play something else.

Some of the game mods showcased in this selection are absolutely mind-blowing. They respect the source material to such a degree that it allows you to immerse yourself deeply into the gameplay. You will forget that you’re actually playing Minecraft -- that’s how good some of these mods are.

The range of the titles includes such worldwide hits like GTA V, Pokemon, Skyrim, Fallout, and a few surprise hits, such as Dark Souls and Alien vs. Predator. But go ahead and see what other games are there.

Published Jan. 9th 2017

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