Twitch app for PS Vita is now available!

PS Vita finally got the Twitch app, but the app does not have various functions.

While some apps, such as Facebook, have ended their service with PS Vita, Twitch is just now launching its app for the handheld system. 

This launch is coming 4 years after the release of PS Vita (for North America), which seems like a pretty long time. But better late then never -- now gamers can now enjoy Twitch with their PS Vita!

Twitch is a live streaming video platform focusing on video gaming. It has released its apps for most of the modern gaming consoles, but somehow PS Vita was left out until now.

The official site mentions that the Twitch app for PS Vita is similar to the PS3 version of Twitch. You can watch live and pre-recorded videos of gaming, follow channels and games that interests you, and so on.

Unfortunately, broadcasting your gameplay with your own PS Vita is unavailable. Also, the Twitch chat function isn't included. The app is only useful for watching other videos, and there are some criticisms about its lack of various functions.


Published Jul. 7th 2016

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