Vambrace: Cold Soul Showcases World in First Feature Trailer

The first of three trailers for Vambrace: Cold Soul is live. The Town showcases the game's central hub.

Vambrace: Cold Soul, the upcoming rogue-like title from Head Up Games, has finally received its first trailer, titled Feature #1: Town. It is the first of three trailers, with the second being Combat and the third Exploration.

Town highlights the main city in which Vambrace: Cold Soul takes place.

As laid out by the featurette, players take the role of Evelia Lyric, one of the only humans able to enter the cursed city of Icenaire. Given the enchanted Aetherbrace upon her father's death, players make their way to Icenaire.

Ruled by the King of Shades, the city's former inhabitants have fled underground to the town of Delearch, the focus of this first trailer. While the King of Shades amasses an army of the undead, the survivors fight to reclaim their home.

Delearch is the game's central hub, and it is where players will assemble a team of mercenaries, purchase equipment, craft new items, and customize Evelia, among other things. Because of the game's hard difficulty, it is wise for players to prepare before each quest, and Delearch is the place to do so. 

Vambrace: Cold Soul Screenshot
Players can choose from 10 different classes and five different races, each with their own unique talents. However, choose wisely and form the best team for each quest to ensure the highest rate of survival.  Once a companion dies, they are gone for good.

Vambrace: Cold Soul also features a seven-chapter story with various side quests that can be completed to unlock up to 26 thematic skins. Along the way, players will find codex pages to expand on the lore and history of Vambrace: Cold Soul. They will discover new creatures, companions, and defeat various enemies as they make their way to the King of Shades. 

Stay tuned for the second trailer, which promises to highlight the turn-based combat mechanics that make the game a unique entry in the rouge-like genre.

Vambrace: Cold Soul launches May 28 on Steam and GOG. Our review will follow. 

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Published May. 17th 2019

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