Super Mario Bros Movie Final Trailer Released

The final trailer for Illumination's Super Mario Bros. Movie is here. Get hype!

During a short Nintendo Direct today, the final trailer for the Super Mario Bros. Movie was revealed. Before the trailer, cast members Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Seth Rogan, and Keegan Michael Key did a short bit about how overlooked Luigi is. That was followed up with Anya-Taylor Joy and Jack Black trying to proclaim Mario 10 is actually "Bowser Day," before series creator Shigeru Miyamoto stated that Mario 10 is for everyone.


Beginning with Luigi in a cage (which might be a reference to Super Mario RPG), the trailer showed off some action of Mario and DK running through obstacles and gave us a look at the Rainbow Road sequence that has been teased previously.

The directors of the film explained how they wanted to recreate the sense of danger that the famous Mario Kart track embodies, likely meaning the set-piece will feature towards the end of the film.

Miyamoto then announced that post-production of the Super Mario Bros. Movie is finished and that localization for other regions has started. For fans near Nintendo NYC, a recreation of Mario's boots from the film will be on display in-store starting on March 10, 2023. All things are go for this film, it seems.

While some of the humor might skew more toward children, the Super Mario Bros. Movie could be an all-time classic. That's a huge departure from the original film, which both started the trend of video game adaptations and gave them a bad rap for decades.


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Published Mar. 9th 2023

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