Kingsglaive, The FF:XV Spinoff Movie Just Released These Gorgeous Stills

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A battle rages for the Kingdom's safety.

Magic repels the enemy forces.

"Damn Johnny! You kill bugs good!"


Nyx Ulric, leader of "The Sword of the King" holds the line in front of a fallen Behemoth.

Apparently, this magic spell is called a "Shift." Who is casting it, we don't know.


Here is Crowe Altius, one of the Operators, magic users in the "The Sword of the King."

The King's elite guard, "The Sword of the King", can be seen here with Luche Lazarus in the middle, one of the leaders of the group.


Nyx stares over the aftermath of a battle.

A solider speaks to Nyx.


Crowe Altius, one of the "The Sword Of the King" and their most adept magic user.

From left to right: Nyx Ulric, Crow Altius, and Luche Lazarus.

Darutos is a general in the "The Sword" army.

Here we see "Sword" recruits being order by Darutos.

Ulric and Darutos go for a drive.

Luche Lazarus squares off with Nyx.

Lazarus offers some stern council.

Lunafrena Nox Fleuret is a priestess of "Kaminagi" who communes directly with their deity.

Nyx and Luna gather in the royal palace.

Libertus Ostium is Nyx's plucky, husky, and trusty sidekick, and best friend.

Libertus Ostium is the kind of friend Nyx can count on when things are tough.

Nyx Ulric, "FFXV: Kingsglaive"'s hero, and one of the leaders of the "The Sword Of The King" army. 

Nyx Ulric, again.

Published May. 26th 2016


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