Pikman 3 Gameplay

The fish bowl wearing space folk are back to steal some more over sized fruit!

A video has surfaced depicting almost seven minutes of non-stop gameplay footage of the up and coming third installment in the series.

Anyone not familiar with the games need to know a few things - If you don't catch it from the video that is. The game is an action/adventure game with real time strategy elements thrown in to keep you on your toes. You can play as one of three space travelers as you explore large environments and collect items to take home. You are not alone, however.

You get plenty of help from your little friends the Pikmin.  These little creatures grow in the ground and on their own are weak but in groups are strong.  They also range in size, shape and abilities.  The video shows that there are a few new Pikmin added to your arsenal this time around.

  • Stone- Used to break down glass barriers
  • Flying- They can lift things and reach high up locations
  • Electric- They can actually break electronic devices or fix them using their bodies 

These are all really cool additions and add plenty to the already tense and fast paced gameplay the game has especially when you get into a fight with one of the indigenous creatures!

Lastly, you also have your teammates that lead to another element of game play.  Now you will be sharing your Pikmin as well and tossing your partners to new locations.  This means later game puzzles will involve a lot of multitasking with different Pikmin and choosing whom to send where and how to get there.

The game looks great so far so soak in the cutesy video and stick close for more on I can't Pikmin 3!


I like video games so I talk about them! Works for me!

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Published Jun. 27th 2013
  • EdibleKnife
    Looking forward to this game.

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