Xbox Boss: Naughty Dog is in A Class of Its Own

Microsoft boss Phil Spencer seems to think Naughty Dog is in a class of its own.

Microsoft executive Phil Spencer has said some nice things about Sony lately.

Now, he's got praise for one of Sony's leading first-party studios: Uncharted and The Last Of Us developer Naughty Dog. When a gamer asked Spencer on his Twitter page to name a Microsoft studio that's on par with Naughty Dog (after Halo creator Bungie went solo), the Xbox boss replied:

"Naughty Dog is a special studio with an amazing track record. I believe they are unique in our industry."

I suppose this could be interpreted a number of ways. Perhaps Spencer doesn't think any Microsoft first-party studio is in the same league with Naughty Dog. Hence, the "unique" label. That's not really a slight against the Xbox brand, though; many would agree that Naughty Dog is head-and-shoulders above most - if not all - developers right now.

First-party success is "critical," Spencer adds. That's definitely true. New game hardware often sells on the strength of enticing exclusives. This is why Microsoft wants to see Halo 5 launch ASAP, and why Sony really needs Uncharted 4 this holiday season.

Will Uncharted 4 further solidify ND's legacy?

I'm hoping it'll be unveiled soon. This could be the early definitive title for the PlayStation 4 and in fact, I fully expect it to be. Naughty Dog is just one of those developers that has become borderline legendary, thanks to two unbelievable new IPs last generation. I don't think anyone expects them to equal or surpass that feat during this era, but you never know...

These guys are just magical.

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Published Jan. 23rd 2014

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