New RPG Chronos Materia For PlayStation Vita

New RPG Chronos Materia For PlayStation Vita being developed by Gust.

Dengeki PlayStation reports that Chronos Materia is an upcoming RPG for the PlayStation Vita. Chronos Materia is being developed by devs Atelier Escha & Logy at Gust. Gust is best known for the RPG franchises Atelier and Ar Tonelico. The game involves the human civilization no longer existing and girls getting magically flown off to a new world. As a new style of RPG, Chronos Materia is made to be easy to play over and over.

Vocaloid illustrator, Nozomi Ousaka, is designing the characters for Chronos Materia--Ousaka has also worked on Nichijo, K-ON!, and Chrome Shelled Regios. These characters' names are Iris, Primula, Thyme, and Shion. An interesting fact is that all the character's names are based on plants.

Also, Chronos Materia's main theme and mechanics are based on the concept of time. The game has a system where you can change fate to break an eternal cycle. Which of course makes it easy to come back to earlier parts of the game and do better at those parts.

In Japan, Chronos Materia will be launching September 26th for 6,090 yen. I am looking forward to this PS Vita exclusive.


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Published Jun. 27th 2013

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