Amazing video depicts GTA in real life

GTA V imagined in real life, with Trevor and everything.

A couple days ago a video referencing GTA V was released on the YouTube channel Corridor Digital. And, frankly, if you are fond of the game, you have to see it.

The video introduces the main character, a gamer anxiously waiting for his VR glasses to arrive. The video kind of answers the question, "what if GTA V, specifically the multiplayer, was real?" The result is a funny and self-aware set of circumstances that will make you grin all the way to the end.

Here, the video.

Trevor, the psychopathic, megalomaniac and beloved character of the game, is wonderfully played by none other than his voice and motion-capture actor, Steven Ogg. This ads realism to the intention of the video. They really sell the idea of a player, guided by Trevor, in a VR tutorial of GTA V. The quality is pretty good, taking into account that the whole video -- writing, location scouting, and shooting -- was made in just one week. Special mention to the writing: self-conscious, witty, and funny as hell; particularly the meta-fictional bit where Trevor references the game, inside the game, and gives a very accurate definition of it, found between minute 4:38 and 4:24. That last sentence should be at the back of the box of the game.

If you liked it, there's also a behind the scenes video, pretty funny too.

Disclaimer: Trevor is very coarse in this video, be careful where you watch it.


Published Dec. 23rd 2019

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