Amazing video depicts GTA in real life

GTA V imagined in real life, with Trevor and everything.

A couple days ago a video referencing GTA V was released on the YouTube channel Corridor Digital. And, frankly, if you are fond of the game, you have to see it.

The video introduces the main character, a gamer anxiously waiting for his VR glasses to arrive. The video kind of answers the question, "what if GTA V, specifically the multiplayer, was real?" The result is a funny and self-aware set of circumstances that will make you grin all the way to the end.

Here, the video.

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Trevor, the psychopathic, megalomaniac and beloved character of the game, is wonderfully played by none other than his voice and motion-capture actor, Steven Ogg. This ads realism to the intention of the video. They really sell the idea of a player, guided by Trevor, in a VR tutorial of GTA V. The quality is pretty good, taking into account that the whole video -- writing, location scouting, and shooting -- was made in just one week. Special mention to the writing: self-conscious, witty, and funny as hell; particularly the meta-fictional bit where Trevor references the game, inside the game, and gives a very accurate definition of it, found between minute 4:38 and 4:24. That last sentence should be at the back of the box of the game.

If you liked it, there's also a behind the scenes video, pretty funny too.

Disclaimer: Trevor is very coarse in this video, be careful where you watch it.

Published Oct. 12th 2016

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