Girls Make Games Announces Its 2014 Grand Prize Winner

The team members and counselors from "The Negatives" proudly promote their game The Hole Story.

After 3 weeks of work, The Hole Story won the grand prize at the Inaugural Girls Make Games Demo Day.

The event was held at the Computer History Museum at Mountain View, CA. Five teams presented their work, with The Hole Story grabbing the coveted prize.  Prototypes were presented to industry veterans, most notably Tim Shafer, founder of Double Fine Productions. Girls Make Games is a group that offers international summer camps and workshops.  The purpose of the group is to motivate girls pursuing a career in the gaming industry.

The Hole Story is a game in which a girl gets transported to another world and must depend on her shovel and wits to find her way home.  The ancient world begins through a hole in her backyard.  The main goal of the game is to rescue Princess Alonna, who has gone missing from the kingdom.  Players solve puzzles by digging up clues.  There are fifteen levels, where you meet different characters and unlock secret levels.  Clues and locations are completely randomized so no two game experiences are the same.

The game is currently seeking backers.  If someone decides to contribute to the game, they are rewarded according to the amount they donated.  Rewards include anything from a credit on the game website to newsletter mention and a mention in the media.

The project will be fully funded and in production if $10,000.00 is received by August 12, 2014.


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Published Jul. 18th 2014

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