Dying Light & Parkour Creator Team Up

Techland teams up with parkour creator, David Belle to create accurate movements.

With the anticipation of Dying Light growing as we near the launch date of January 27, 2015. The studio behind the game has released some behind the scenes footage of the game and motion captures. 

David Belle is the initial creator of what is known as parkour today. He said his reasoning behind initially wanting to create the free running movement was more of an act of freedom. He also explains that while playing Dying Light with the Occulus Rift he felt as though he was 10 again and did not want to stop playing.

Techland, the studio behind Dying Light, decided that it was an outstanding idea to recruit David Belle to capture the most accurate movements for both players and zombies. Below you can see the whole video that allows you to get inside the head of Belle as he explains what it was like trying to recapture the feelings that one would have while performing live parkour. 

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Published May. 4th 2015
  • Pierre Fouquet
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    It's a shame the translation in the actual trailer couldn't capture the passion David Belle has. But it's cool to know he helped work on the game.

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