WildStar: Guild Features Overview

Every tool you would expect your guild leader to have, and then some!

Here's another quick video from Mark Taylor, aka Lord Hammer from GuildUMBRA, telling us about some of the features WildStar will be providing to guilds and their leaders. This is still just beta, so some of these things might get better or be taken out.

As I said in the skinny, everything you would expect is there, but with a few new things I'm happy to see coming with WildStar.

  • Guild crest
  • 5% Guild tax (On/Off)
  • Guild banks
  • Message of the Day
  • About/description message
  • Guild created date displayed
  • Highly sortable roster
  • News and Announcement activity stream
  • Invite from group
  • Set up chats
  • Guild perk and buff system
  • Floating guild crest icons or guild tags. (These can hover over your head, over your shoulders, and behind your character.

This is very exciting news to the guilds out there interested in playing WildStar. It looks like Carbine has really put a lot of thought into their guild systems, and have every intention of bolstering guild communities.

I find it necessary for successful MMOs to cater to the guild crowds. Give guild leaders lots of options and you'll find a variety of types of guilds forming. I also think that enabling guilds to build a guild economy is key. Having the 5% tax and guild banking systems is a must.

With these features revealed, WildStar is looking like a hit with guilds!  

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Published Dec. 16th 2013
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    The amount of options in the guild list are pretty amazing
  • Elloawendy
    Great video! Guild features is something that seems so obvious for World of Warcraft players, but most MMO do not have a solid guild system. It's reassuring that Wildstar got it right at this stage!
  • Proto Foe
    Senior Intern
    This is exciting! Being able to provide for your guild is a huge part of running one within an MMO. I am glad that Carbine is going to so much detail at every level! (That I have seen thus far).

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