Pokemon X Y Ver. 1.1 Update To Fix Resume Game Bug

The Version 1.1 Update for Pokémon X Y and what it means for you.

A reportedly very rare occurrence of corrupt game data has surfaced since Pokémon X Y had released. This corrupted data was caused by saving your game in certain parts of Lumiose City and logging off. This was bad news for anyone who received this bug, because it meant they could not continue on with the game. On October 25th a version 1.1 update was released for both X and Y to address this issue. I've compiled all the details I have on this version update.

The Good News:

So there are several pieces of good news with this 1.1 version update. First and foremost the people who already had the bug that showed their data corrupted can now resume playing once the patch is installed. So don't restart your file if you haven't already, just jump on the Nintendo eShop and download the patch for your corresponding version.

Pikachu zapped away all the bugs... Not really, but we can give Pikachu the credit anyways.

Secondly, the bugs have been patched out of the game. So no one else should receive this error. If you're just starting out, or you just happen to need to return to Lumiose City don't be afraid to save and quit there. Additionally, updates were implemented to the GTS (Global Trade Station) filter. I'm not really sure on the specifics for those changes though.

The Bad News:

You just got Snorlaxed! Okay, that's not really the bad news.

There is really only one piece of bad news. If you had the corrupt data bug and you started over, there is no way to recover your old data. Other than that, there are really no negatives to this patch.

Published Oct. 29th 2013

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