Hellfire Citadel Conquered, Raid Group Maintains Silence Regarding Technique

World of Warcraft guild Method has beaten all thirteen bosses of the Hellfire Citadel raid, but are keeping their - ahem - methods quiet.

The challenging Hellfire Citadel opened on June 30th for World of Warcraft players. So began another race to be the world's first group to defeat a PvE instance. On Thursday, the last of the raid's thirteen bosses fell to the Method guild after 472 attempts, making it the first group to complete the most difficult endgame challenge in World of Warcraft.

As of this writing, Method is the only group to have defeated Archimonde. The group is keeping its, well, methods under-wraps for now, at least as far as the final boss, Archimonde, is concerned. Blizzard Watch notes that Archimonde is the first raid boss to survive raid group onslaughts for weeks following release since Throne of the Four Winds' Al'Akir, back in 2011.

More information on the Hellfire Citadel's boss fights will certainly pour out over the coming days and weeks. As WoWWiki notes, it is not yet confirmed whether Archimonde is dead for good or not. That's of little concern for raiding players right now, however, particularly those in the US, for whom the first-to-complete slot still looms open.


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Published Jul. 17th 2015

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