New and Updated Planet Minecraft Skins Players Don't Know About

There are almost 1 million Minecraft skins available for use free on Planet Minecraft. Here we offer a selection of new skins and recently updated skins you don't know about.

This article is a sequel to our article about The Best Planet Minecraft Mods and Servers for Lazy People. Here we talk about Minecraft Skins you don't know about.. yet! If you don't know about the Planet Minecraft website, please read the article above.

Do you need a new Minecraft skin, or skins, to head out into the wild in each day? Below are skins we think you'll enjoy, including updated skins and new ones just released.

New Minecraft skins 

Teen Boy with Blue Eyes

Simply a boy with blue eyes dressed in blue clothes of various shades. He has a colorful design on the front of his shirt and yellow socks and shoes to complete his look. A great skin for a beginner and one my nephew found appealing.


A colorful Minecraft skin, with dark red on a black background, PvP has the sophisticated look of an older girl. Matching black socks and shoes give this skin a look veteran players could find right for quieter games. I wear this when trying to stay out of my nephews way.


This Minecraft skin looks like a boy wearing a black shirt and pants with a blue jacket and bright yellow shoes and socks. The selection of headgear is important in completing the look of this skin. Trunks is perfect for gamers of all ages looking for a snazzy, but simple appearance. What do you think?

Sonic The Hedgehog 

This Minecraft skin is perfect for gamers that fell in love with the iconic Sega character Sonic The Hedgehog. It has the color scheme and white gloves, along with the socks we all fell in love with playing Sonic. The perfect skin for the player planning of being the fastest thing around.

Sweater Girl 

This skin is great for little girls that want to wear a sweater while playing this popular video game. Sweater Girl looks like a little girl wearing a red sweater on top of a white blouse, with brown shoes and socks. The perfect skin for the girl looking to get noticed.

Fallout 3 Armored Vault Jumpsuit 

A great skin for Fallout 3 fanatics, this skin has a blue and black color scheme, with brown hair and goggles. Fallout 3 Armoured Vault Jumpsuit looks interesting and gives a character a look few others can match. My nephew and his friends thought this the proper attire when spawn camping me.  

Miss Amane from DeathNote 

Manga fanatics find this Minecraft skin perfect for giving their character the look they want. It has a weird-looking cream color over a black background, with a pattern running down the front. Girls are sure to find this the right dress to set the mood.

Cool Gothic Girl 

This Minecraft skin has a complicated red and light brown color scheme, but cool looking appearance overall. A simple, but elegance looking skin, with black shoes and flesh-colored socks girls will find appealing. My nephews little girlfriend wears this all the time.

Peter Pan from Quat 

This skin has a dark green, burgundy red and gray color scheme that rocks. It's supposed to resemble Peter Pan from Quat, and many won't agree, but it has an appealing look, and my nephew wears it often. What do you think?

Wolf Queen 

Wolf Queen is a Minecraft skin with a color scheme that dazzles the eye, with red and royal purple the Romans would love. Add in a yellow, green and red headband and this skin is everything a girl needs to get noticed while teaching the boys a thing or two.

Check out these new Minecraft skins on Planet Minecraft. There are new skins being posted and updates to favorite skins uploaded everyday. Your new skin is waiting!

Updated Minecraft Skins

Teen Boy with Long Brown Hair 

This Minecraft skin is great for beginners playing the game the first time. It has a soft light green, blue and brown color scheme that blends into many backgrounds. Perfect for the gamer looking to stand back and learn how to play the game by watching.

Rainbow Creeper 

This Minecraft skin is one of the more popular on Planet Minecraft and this update should increase its popularity. Its rainbow color scheme gives this skin the look of a creeper, of a different sort, and black soulless eyes complete an eerie look. This skin could be just the thing to put fear in the competition! Just ask my nephew. This skin he likes to change into after he has gone on a kill streak.

Slime in Suit 

The first time I noticedthis skin one of my nephews friends was wearing it during a particularly chaotic game. Slime in Suit has a lime green head and is attired in a gray suit. The perfect skin for an alien in disguise trying to fit in, while having a little fun.

Good Pumpkin 

Good Pumpkin is perfect for the Halloween season and gets a laugh from other gamers every time. It has a pumpkin for a head and is wearing a black suit, with white shirt and red tie. Take a look and see how long it takes you to quit laughing. This is a Minecraft skin I don't mind my nephew wearing.

Nearly Naked Night Elf Mohawk 

World of Warcraft fanatics will love this Minecraft skin inspired by Mr. T's Night Elf Mohawk. It doesn't have the armor worn by his character on WoW, but you can always add something from your chest. A light gray, chaotic looking color scheme and red eyes don't exactly give it a frightening look, but it's still a popular skin to wear.

Derpy Cactus 

Derpy Cactus is a funny looking Minecraft skin, you can use to disguise your character as a cactus. Bright green, with different shades of green running down the length of the body, this skin is a favorite of my nephew, and popular with gamers looking to stand out in a crowd.

That's our list of new and updated Planet Minecraft skins players don't know about. Take a look at each and have some fun trying them all out. We're sure fellow gamers, family and friends will have as much fun seeing the skin you pick.

Just remember to have a great time and enjoy your new look.


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Published Mar. 25th 2015

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