Gameplay Footage of From Software's "Project Beast" Leaked

Leaked gameplay footage of From Software's "Project Beast" has strengthened rumors that it's the next title in the Souls series.

From Software, developer of Demon's Souls and the two Dark Souls games, has been working on a title exclusive to the PS4 known only as "Project Beast." Many have guessed that this will be the next game in their Souls series of brutally difficult Action-RPGs after some screenshots leaked earlier this month.

Yesterday, some brief gameplay footage was leaked onto the internet. After seeing the game in motion, rumors of it being the next Souls game have grown even stronger. The footage shows the player character from a third-person perspective running through dreary and dark environments, entering a fog gate similar to those seen in the Souls games, fighting a horde of enemies and approaching a large figure that seems to be a boss.

The player character has attacks and movements similar to characters from the Souls series but with slight differences and some new animations. When fighting the horde of enemies, the player is shown to do a quick backstep instead of a roll to avoid an attack and when approaching the boss the player character casually cracks a whip held in his right hand. The player was also shown using what appeared to be a firearm while fighting the group of enemies.

The Animations, Aesthetic and Gameplay All Scream Demon/Dark Souls

Like most leaks, the footage was first spread on 4chan's video game-based image board /v/ and Neogaf. Some speculate that Project Beast will be a sequel to Demon's Souls, which was also exclusive to PlayStation, though it's not clear how that distinction would make it different from Dark Souls. The game is expected to be officially revealed at E3 this year so stay tuned for more details. 

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Published Jun. 1st 2014

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