[Kickstarter] Skara - The Blade Remains

Skara brings versus fighting online for up to 16 players at a time. To create Skara, we combined the feel of versus fighting, the thrill of multiplayer battle, the depth of an RPG with the frenzied rush of an action game.

After many weeks and months quietly preparing in our cramped studio, we finally launch on kickstarter.


Skara – The Blade Remains will combine elements from multiple genres, including:

  • RPGs – skill trees, experience and rich background
  • Fighting – timing and accuracy, combos and fatalities
  • Online action games – arenas, coordination among the players and frenetic action

Because it incorporates so many features from various genres, Skara – The Blade Remains does not fit in any one single category, so we labelled the title a Multiplayer Online Versus title, or a MOV.
Skara – The Blade Remains can support as small as one versus one duels and up to 16 player battles, competing for dominance in a fantasy filled world racked by cosmic disaster.
Players choose any of five classes and can customize their character’s appearance, equipment and fighting style.  Gamers also decide with whom they will team and create their own factions inside every class.  The teams then fight as one with the goal of dominating arenas, expanding their territories and gaining renown in the world of Skara. The best players will be immortalized as heroes and kings, writing history with their successes and failures.

We have held onto our original vision and we are close to finishing it. Skara, which passed Steam Greenlight in only 8 days, will be released on Steam Early Access in July 2014.

Skara's development is well advanced but there is a lot of work still to be done, such as animations, mechanics, extra races, more arenas, combined team actions and balancing of the characters so we can provide the perfect gaming experience that players are looking for. And to make it to the finish line and beyond, we need your help!

As a gamer-founded company, we value our creative freedom. Your support will ensure that we can deliver the game we envision without first having to change anything to satisfy an AAA publisher’s profit margin, like offering characters with Christmas hats on. With your input, feedback and support we can continue to develop a game that truly puts you into the world of Skara.

Published Jun. 17th 2014

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