Get Zoroark for free this month in Pokemon ORAS

A new trailer announces another Pokémon distribution event for Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

A new trailer has been posted the Pokemon website promoting a giveaway for the month of November that features the Pokemon Zoroark. Players can download Zoroark for free via the Nintendo Network for Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. Simply boot up the game, select Mystery Gift from the menu, and download the Pokémon straight to your storage box. But don't forget to save!

Though players can obtain a Zoroark in game by capturing a Zorua and letting it evolve, now players can obtain a level 50 Zoroark without lifting a finger. Okay, maybe you'll have to lift a few fingers, but it's not as hard as training and raising it yourself. Plus Zoroark comes with moves that can only be obtained via download!

Just look at that sly devil

Zoroark is called the trickster Pokémon for his innate ability, Illusion. Zoroark starts each battle disguised as a different Pokémon, confusing your opponents into misguided attacks. Your enemies will think they're attacking a Bulbasaur with Ember, then get a surprise when it does little damage and Bulbasaur transforms. Or while the illusion is active, your Zoroark can launch Flame Thrower disguised as a Goldeen to really throw off your opponent! This promotional Zoroark comes in an Ultra Ball to further confuse your enemies, and it knows Sludge Bomb, which it can't learn in normal gameplay. 

Grab the free trickster Pokémon today and dominate your enemies with unending illusions!

Published Nov. 4th 2015
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    This is just evil...

    I love it.

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