Steam Box Releases...Soon

Steam Box might release this year...maybe, BUT if it does it could mean the merge of PC and console gaming. If it doesn't I'll be incredibly sad...

Big news (maybe), the long awaited Steam Box is going to be released some time this year (again, maybe), and with it the promises of 3rd party devices. The main grab of the Steam Box is the seamless connection of Big Picture mode to your T.V. or whatever display device you want to use to see your games. Steam Box is going to be a multi-tiered gaming computer with a lot of 3rd party support for peripheral devices (controllers, games, even other 'Steam Boxes') with a Linux based operating system. Needless to say there's a lot to the Steam Box that has the attention of anyone who is aware of it.

I mean, there's just sooo much 3rd support from Valve on this amazing project... maybe too much. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that when the Steam Box is released, and all the 3rd parties join in... I'm going to get a little confused. I should be fine after a few days (or weeks, if I get too carried away), I mean I'm fairly savvy in regards to gaming hardware, but others? Sure, most of the Steam-Like-Boxes are meant for the whole pro-gamer crowd, but that could severely limit the market... and there is a slight (and terrifying) chance that the Steam Box style of consoles won't catch on. If that happens we won't be able to live in a world where console gaming and PC gaming are one in the same. I DO NOT want to live in a world where that was ALMOST a thing, I have no idea how to handle that amount of disappointment.

But, it doesn't seem like that will be a problem. If you can understand Steam's Big Picture mode, and you have a large Steam collection, then Steam Box should be a must buy.



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Published Jan. 23rd 2013

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