Horizon Forbidden West: How to Fast Travel with Campfires & Travel Packs

Fast Travel in Horizon Forbidden West is a bit different compared to the original, but it still involves campfires and travel packs.

Horizon Forbidden West fast travel is a bit different than in the original game. While you can still use packs you've purchased, found, or crafted, you can also zip around for free without a golden ticket.

Now, you can fast travel between discovered campfires for free, while packs allow you want to transport to campfires anywhere on the map from anywhere on the map. Here’s how it works.

How to Fast Travel in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West only lets you fast travel to campfires, but there’s no shortage of them scattered around the world. All settlements have one. They appear near points of interest. And they are, frankly, everywhere on the map: one the side of the road, in the wilds, on top of mesas.

In short, you’re never lacking for an anchor if you need to revisit previous areas to upgrade weapons and outfits at a workbench or farm machines for crafting supplies.

The change is in how you actually get around. Aloy can fast travel from any campfire to any campfire she’s already visited, and there’s no cost. All you need to do is approach the fire, press “Circle,” and choose the campfire you want to visit from the world map.

Campfires found at places called Shelters have stools nearby that let you pass the time of day; not every Campfire is at a Shelter, though. You can sit down and choose to continue either in the morning, afternoon, or night, though the feature doesn’t unlock until a few hours into the HFW.

Both actions are free, but the downside is you can only travel for free from a campfire. If you’re in the wilds and need a quick way back to a settlement, it’ll cost you.

How to Get Fast Travel Packs in Horizon Forbidden West

You can craft or purchase Fast Travel Packs, and they’re good for just one use. Most merchants in the wild and in settlements have these for sale, though they cost 25 metal shards. Metal shards are hardly scarce, but you have much better uses for them than buying Fast Travel Packs; you'll need plenty if you want to fully upgrade multiple armor sets and weapons.

The alternative is crafting them. Crafting a Fast Travel Pack requires 3 Wild Meat and 10 Ridge Wood, both of which you can find in abundance in most areas. Wild Meat comes from boars in particular, and Ridge Wood – what you use to craft your arrows – is almost literally everywhere; it looks like small, dead trees with no leaves. You can hold 50 Fast Travel Packs at one time.

Fast Travel Packs let you travel from anywhere on the map (except if you’re falling or in some story sequences) to any campfire you’ve visited before. You can also warp over to some locations you've discovered, such as Ruins, Tallnecks, and Melee Pits. Just open up the map, hover over a campfire, and press R2. The game will ask you if you want to use a Fast Travel Pack, and you can confirm or change your mind.

That’s all you need to know about fast travel in Horizon Forbidden West, but make sure to check out our other Horizon Forbidden West guides for more tips and tricks.


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Published Feb. 21st 2022

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