Bungie weekly update - The Dreadnaught revealed!

Bungie's weekly update reveals new details on The Dreadnaught, Oryx's flying fortress!

In Bungie's weekly update, new details on Oryx's flying fortress The Dreadnaught were revealed - and it's very promising. 

The Dreadnaught is the giant ship that Oryx (Father of Crota and the Taken King) resides in, alongside his army of Taken. Bungie said that within these walls, there are brand new patrols, new bounties, new loot, puzzles, and even hidden bosses. This is exciting for players, as patrols have become child's play, and doing the same bounties over and over gets old fast. This brings a new vitality to patrol mode and challenges players to solve puzzles inside the massive ship. 

The addition of hidden bosses is something that has not been seen in Destiny before. Guardians will need new forms of teamwork to take down the new foes. These hidden bosses are also tied into the new puzzles that were mentioned in the update. Designer Ben Wommack had this to say about the contents of the ship:

"The Dreadnaught has its secrets—you’ll need to return again and again to solve them all and acquire the rewards we created for doing so. There are hidden treasures and bosses waiting to be found, and it won’t be apparent how to access them the first time you go exploring. We’ve laid out a lot of breadcrumb trails though, as you fight your way through the ship. So follow the clues you’re given, face the challenges you can find, and earn that sweet loot!"

Ben Wommack has also given all guardians a little taste of what the Dreadnaught has to offer us, including the début of a new strike boss named "Darkblade". One of many Hive Abominations that the Dreadnaught is housing, Darkblade looks to be a roided-out Hive Knight with a new type of melee weapon, a giant axe. His design looks menacing and challenging, something I can safely assume all guardians look forward to conquering. 


Bungie had stated near the end of the update that there is more the Dreadnaught has to offer, and the patrols/new enemies will not be easy. So they have decided to have a Twitch live stream sometime before launch to showcase exactly what they mean. This has been some of the most exciting TTK news in a while and has everyone pumped for launch. 

For Bungie's full update with more information, concept art and in-game pictures, click here.

Destiny: The Taken King will be released September 15th on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

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Published Aug. 1st 2015

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