Moon Hunters launching on PS4 in 2016, cooking system detailed

Upcoming Kickstarted mythological coop game, hitting Sony's biggest platform this Spring.

In a new post on the PlayStation Blog, Kitfox Games' Creative Director, Tanya Short made a major announcement and revealed a few intriguing details about her upcoming cooperative action RPG, Moon Hunters.

The major announcement is that Moon Hunters will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 during Spring 2016 which was one of the stretch goals achieved during the game's Kickstarter campaign which launched back in August of 2014. Short attributes the support of the PlayStation community to making the Kickstarter campaign as successful as it was, saying:

This improved our community — after we announced our support for PS4, not only did more pledges pour in, but the positivity surrounding the game grew. I don’t know if it’s because there’s something special about indie-loving PS4 players, or maybe everyone just feels more hopeful when there’s console versions in the mix, but I’m grateful for it.

She also goes into detail about the game's cooking system, which was another one of the campaign's stretch goals. As players travel through the game world, they will uncover ingredients in a variety of ways from earning them as spoils from battle to shopping for them. Functionally, the cooking mechanics are meant to provide stat bonuses, but half the fun is mixing ingredients together to see what can happen. 

It's really interesting to see a developer come forward and layout exactly what kind of impact the pledges that people make on a Kickstarter campaign can have on the fortunes of an entire game like Tanya has done here. It's one thing to see the list of stretch goals as little more than check points, but it's another to hear about them, to really understand why these things were important to the game as a whole. 

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Published Sep. 16th 2015

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