Evolve Has Large Day-One Patch to Improve Loading and Balance

A day one patch for Evolve will improve loading times, tweak the balance level between classes, and more.

Turtle Rock Studios announced on Friday that Evolve will have a 3GB day-one patch after receiving information from the Big Alpha and Open Beta periods.

Here are some of the updates that are coming to Evolve when it is released to the public.

  • Tweaks to the balance level of Hunters and Monsters.
  • Optimizing load times for "improving matchmaking and network bandwidth."
  • Bug fixes.
  • Redesigned Elite skins for Hunters and Monsters.
  • Added connectivity to Evolve Hunters Quest mobile app.

Many game fixes were in part to the public giving their opinion during beta testing. The final addition is just to make the game compatible with a match-3 puzzle game that's free on iOS, Android, and Windows phones. It's not a basic game, however, as playing through Evolve Hunters Quest can give gamers experience and the ability to watch match replays.

Official size of the patch depends on the platform. The release also states that more updates will be coming in the future.

Evolve will release on February 10th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and is published by 2K Games.

Image credit: Gamespot

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Published Feb. 9th 2015

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