New Report Claims 'PlayStation 4.5' Is Real, But Is It Necessary?

The system is already in development at Sony, rumored to be called "PlayStation 4K."

While nothing has been officially announced yet, a new report states that Sony is, in fact, hard at work on the "PlayStation 4.5." But what does that entail, and is it something gamers really need?

Word of an upgraded PlayStation 4 first came to light last week and, according to Digital Foundry, Sony's research and development team already has prototypes of the new system.  Sources are calling the upgraded system the "PlayStation 4K."

The report goes on to speculate just what the "PlayStation 4K" could be -- a tweaked PS4 with more processing power, a system offering certain 4K features, or a slim PS4 with slight performance upgrades.  Check out the full report on Digital Foundry for more details on these (theoretical) options.

All signs point to the "PlayStation 4K" being real, but is it necessary?  If a new PS4 with more processing power or 4K features is announced this soon, it will surely divide Sony's market and PlayStation owners alike.  In addition, having both PS4 and PS4K available simultaneously could lead to a lot of confusion when it comes time to purchase a system.  

But we can't say for sure how things will shake out until we know what the console will actually offer. 

Do you think PS4K is real?  Is it necessary?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Published Mar. 24th 2016

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