Sony vows to extend PlayStation Plus subscriptions due to server crash

PlayStation Network had an unexpected network crash, but now pledges to make up for the incident.

PlayStation's servers have seen their fair share of crashes, but Sony is usually able to make quick comebacks and get their gamers back into action. But yesterday (January 4) they had a 12-hour delay due to their servers crashing.

A 12-hour delay might not seem so bad, but try telling that to millions of PlayStation network users. Due to this, Sony is trying to make up for its mistakes by promising to add free extensions to the subscriptions of current PSN users. Sony has not specified when or exactly how much of an extension will be provided, but has said it would give current PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, and Video Rental users additional time on their current subscriptions.

As of now, it is suspected to be a 24 hour extension of Plus to make up for the 12 hour loss, but nothing is certain yet. Below is PlayStation's response through Twitter, asking us users to remain patient as they explain what will be done to ensure the happiness of all PlayStation Plus members.


Published Jan. 6th 2016

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