VestGames Gets Eville in New Medieval Social Murder Game

Can't get enough Among Us? VestGames has a slightly different kind of experience with Eville, a medieval social death game with a demo live now.

VestGames is leaping into the social murder deduction field with Eville, which has a demo out now. Hendrik Holle, Eville's creator, describes the game as a cross between Among Us and the classic tabletop game One Night Ultimate Werewolf. Like Among Us, the goal in Eville is either murdering everyone in town or identifying the culprit and dealing with them, which is a nice way of saying "set them on fire."

However, like WerewolfEville features multiple character classes, along with items, merchants, and even upgrades to try and stay alive or not get caught.

Eville's trailer highlights a bit of what sets the game apart, including murder methods, such as traps and melee attacks, abilities, the village itself, and even a day/night system. 

There's an Eville demo live now as part of the Steam Game Festival, though as yet, Eville doesn't have a solid release date. Whenever it does launch, PC is the only confirmed platform for now.


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Published May. 12th 2021

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