Midnight Suns Won't Have Lootboxes But Will Have Cosmetics "For Purchase"

Combat cards won't be locked inside loot boxes, but there will be cosmetics available for purchase.

Marvel's Midnight Suns has received a good amount of attention since it was revealed during Gamescom 2021. Firaxis games tend to do that, especially when coupled with such an iconic brand. But something else that has received a bit of attention is the game's combat system, specifically the battle cards used for attacks and abilities. 

Players are able to take their character, The Hunter, into battle alongside two other Marvel superheroes, ideally, those they've fostered deep relationships with and provide the best combat synergies. They're then dealt a hand of six random ability cards with which they take on Lilith's forces and other enemies. 

In a recent gameplay trailer and deep-dive, Firaxis shed new light on those mechanics, but they did not explain how players obtain those cards. Because minds do wander, that led to some talk about lootboxes.

Fortunately, that won't be the case, as spotted by Comicbook. The official Midnight Suns Twitter account confirmed that there will not be any lootboxes or pay-to-win style microtransactions in the game. Those seem to come from base character offerings, team compositions, "cultivating relationships" with characters, and items gained from battle. 

There will be, however, microtransactions for cosmetics, though just like a lot of the other minutia surrounding the game, details on that are still hazy. 

While Midnight Suns won't be weighed down by lootboxes, there's still a lot about the tactical RPG we still don't know, so stay tuned. Firaxis has teased another upcoming gameplay reveal for September 7 at 11:30 a.m. PDT, where The Hunter and Wolverine take on Sabretooth. 

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Published Sep. 1st 2021

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