Elder Scrolls Online Will Feature Player Marriages and Guild Perks

Player Marriages, guild perks, moddable UI, and other cool features in Elder Scrolls Online.

Elder Scrolls Online, the much-anticipated MMO based on the popular RPG series, will allow for multiple and same-sex player marriages.For Skyrim fans, marriage systems are no big news. For newer fans of Zenimax's  Elder Scrolls Online, this may come as a pleasant surprise. In an interview with Gamespot, Paul Sage, Creative Director of ESO, explained what these marriages actually are, and also detailed several other features of this upcoming game. Player MarriagesA player can marry another player in a simple ceremony, but it’s really a marriage of convenience. The benefit here lies in the bonus experience points you’ll get travelling and adventuring together with your character’s spouse. You can pair up with a friend that you play with constantly – gender has never been a barrier in Elder Scrolls marriages – and you’ll both benefit from working together. Just like in Skyrim, players will have to pay up to get hitched, and both parties will wear rings signifying their new bond. And if you happen to play with more than one person, you can marry another too. Polygamy knows no bounds in Tamriel.Respec OptionA popular feature in most MMOs, the respec option allows you to rebuild your character from Level 1 in terms of skills and perks, in case you regretted the perk you spent your hard-earned experience points on the first time.Guild BenefitsAn even cooler feature is the guild integration. You can find your guild from Day 1 of gameplay. The moment you sign in, your guild will be listed and you can jump right into familiar territory.As a guild, you’ll get some perks that lone wolves won’t. Claim Keeps: guilds get to claim a keep or tower and this steps in as the “player housing” system in Elder Scrolls games. Close enough. Guild Leader Options: guild leaders can set permissions within the guild to allow guild members access to certain features, or to keep them out. Guild Bank: guild members have their own shared inventory to store loot in, accessible by every member accepted into its fold. Guild XP: get bonus experience points when you travel and adventure with your guild. Moddable HUDFor fans of the SkyUI mod, this will be heartening news. Bethesda isn’t ignorant of the active modding community at Skyrim Nexus. Though MMOs restrict players with customization options, PC players of ESO will be able to mod their own UI.Followers and Pets in ESO:NPCs will show up to stalk you, and occasionally help you, just like they do in other Elder Scrolls games. Players will start off with a horse. What you feed your mount will determine how strong and fast it will be. How well you take care of it will determine how much weight it can carry, how long it can run, and more.Elder Scrolls Online will launch Spring 2014. More details are being revealed every day for this exciting MMO. We’ll bring them to you right here.You can still scale cliffs in ESO.Tell us what you're most excited about for the Elder Scrolls Online.


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Published Jun. 14th 2013
  • bobby_8394
    you can marry in WOW.. but they refuse to have player housing.. not sure why todays mmorpgs will even launch without this feature.. because it will take years down the road for them to even give something like this and by then.. a better game will come out
  • NOMNOM_1909
    They said player housing wouldn't be in at launch, that doesn't mean we'll never have player housing. Final Fantasy XIV just got player housing, though its so expensive, many still do not own a home lol. Eventually they will release player housing, hopefully make it a good one since we are paying for the game monthly, and it wouldn't make much sense to allow players to marry, and not allow them to share a home and all together.
  • Sunwoman
    I was really looking forward to this game until I heard there would be no player housing

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