Rural Pokemon Go Fans, You May Be in Luck: More Pokestops being added

More stops in more places is good news for Pokemon go fans outside city limits.

Pokemon Go is great... so long as you live in an area with plenty of landmarks.  Those out in the boonies, though ,will find themselves having to travel a lot to find stops, gyms, and spawns.  However, it seems like Niantic is listening to complaints from those of us away from civilization, and have begun setting new landmarks up for fans to flock to.

Redditor Macedonx3 posted this picture today, showing new Pokestops that weren't there the day before.  While some in the comments expressed doubts about new Pokestops coming this early, there are also plenty of reports of other users noticing things like new stops being added or existing stops being converted to gyms.  

Since Pokemon Go is a game about getting out, getting fresh air, and going for a walk, it's a shame that the best places to search are often urban areas. It's a good thing that more areas are opening up, as that'll give more and more people the change to get together and catch em all.


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Published Sep. 29th 2017
  • Draco_8626
    Great news. Now for the UK ios release date!

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