Hellblade in-development gameplay released by Ninja Theory

Ninja Theory released in-development gameplay snippets for their upcoming game Hellblade. Fans have mixed reviews.

Ninja Theory released a high-quality version of the in-development gameplay snippets for Hellblade that have recently been circling the Internet. 

Hellblade is Ninja Theory’s latest project and, as of yet, has no release date. The game has been announced for both PC and PlayStation 4. 

Hellblade has recently received a lot of publicity for incorporating mental illness into the main character Senua. The game is meant to portray such illnesses accurately instead of the villainy and mayhem usually associated with them in typically evil characters. In an interview conducted by Cultured Vultures with Dominic Matthews, project development manager at Ninja Theory, Matthews stated that they wanted to portray Senua’s mental illness as a personal experience since each person’s struggle with mental illness varies. The story is set around the trauma and violence Senua has to deal with after she is the sole survivor of the Viking invasion of the Pictish Celts. 

However, despite the game still being in early stages of development, there are mixed reviews from fans. 

One YouTube commenter detailed a strong disliking for the gameplay:

“Combat looks terrible, like it’s some tablet game. Nowhere near as good as previous Ninja Theory games. Also, will the whole game be as this? A narrow corridor? Sorry devs. I had high hopes but this showcase didn’t impress me at all. I was bored with the footage before it even ended.” -Oleg Chebeneev

Though others are saying it looks very good for being in development:

“Great sense of atmosphere. Still needs a lot of polish, but I imagine that’s the point of it still being in development.” -aresdotexe

Fans will just have to wait and see what happens with the finished game.


Published Aug. 10th 2015

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